Support our Library!


Ever wonder where the library gets all this neat stuff?

Short answer: From you! 💞Thank you! 💞

Long answer:

Ms. Fabin uses (just search for Fabin)

The library has a few projects up that the community can support and donate to. Many of them are “matching offers” that will be matched by a company like Google or a private donor. This is how Ms. Fabin has obtained many of the neat new things in the library.

Ms. Fabin is still looking for adult volunteers to cover her lunch break on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so she can keep the library open all day.

The library will always accept donations of Hot Cocoa, Tea, Coffee & Kcups.
We also really like games & puzzles that are in great shape and not missing pieces!

Every once in a while we like to wipe down all surfaces with Lysol or Clorox wipes (especially during flu season) so we can all stay healthy! If you have any extra or would like to donate some the library will be very grateful!

Ms. Fabin also writes to businesses in the community who donate products and gift certificates that she can use as reading incentives and fun prizes for awesome projects.

There is a “Thank You board” in the library that she keeps up to date with names of people and places that have donated to our lovely little library. If you or you students would ever like to express your gratitude please stop by and make a Thank You note or drop off a picture or just admire the amazing, inspiring and generous community we have!

and again 💞THANK YOU 💞 for helping to make the library so fun and inviting!


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